XDUK-10 10.0 Ton Truck

Load capacity: 10.0 ton, Bucket volume: 5.0 m³.

>> Structure

◆The frames are articulated with 40° turning angle.

◆Ergonomics Canopy of easy operation.

>> Operation Comfort & Safety

◆Low vibration level in cab with suspension seat and belt.

◆Combination design of parking brake & working brake. Braking is SAHR (spring applied, hydraulic release).

◆FOPS/ROPS certified operator compartment.

>> Warning

◆Automatic alarm system for oil temperature, oil pressure and electrical system. 

>> Energy-saving & Environment Friendly

◆CUMMINS engine with water-cooling and turbo-charging, powerful and low-consumption.

◆catalytic purifier with silencer, which greatly reduces air and noise pollution in working tunnel.

Operator’s Compartment


Open cab with ROPS and FOPS construction.

Seat with low frequency suspension.

Dashboard & Displays

Critical warnings and alarms Displayed as warning lights

Instrument Panel Electric gauges

Instrument Panel Illuminated switches


Rear & Front Frame

High strength welded steel structure with optimized material thicknesses

Tanks Bolted & Welded


Rexroth Filling pump for hydraulic oil

PARKER(USA) multi way valve

Rexroth hydraulic triplex pump(Gear Type) for working & steering(PARKER pump option)

Oil cooler for hydraulic oil

150L Hydraulic oil tank capacity

Meter oil level

Hydraulically operated, center-point articulation, power steering with two double acting cylinders.

The oil flow from steering hydraulic pump is directed to bucket hydraulics when steering is not used which can enlarge the working pressure.

Two dump cylinder.

8μm LEEMIN Filter


SAHR multi-disc wet brake at each wheel. Combination design of parking, working brake.


Alternator 55A / 28V

Batteries 2 x 12V

Starter 4kW / 24 V

Driving lights

2 in front 42W, LED lights

2 in rear 24W, LED lights


◆Engine Fire Suppression.

◆Rear Camera system.


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