We are Qualified & Professional

The XIANDAI factory has strong technical accumulation and strength. The company has an experienced technical service team, which often goes to various mines to provide professional technical training and maintenance explanations to end users and operators.


We have strong agents in many countries and regions, and each agent has a professional service team, equipped with complete vehicles, tools and professional technology, which can provide local customers with powerful technical support and maintenance services in time .


24*7 Hours Service

Rich spare parts guarantee

Many countries have spare parts warehouses, especially those with exclusive agents. We have a wealth of spare parts reserve, which can solve customer's spare parts needs in time.

Internet and electronic online services

24*7 hours online network service, our sales staff will answer your questions online at any time, and handle simple maintenance and vehicle problems online. And contact your nearest agent to handle the problem.

Simple and flexible maintenance

Compared with the complicated repair and maintenance of imported brands, the accessories and mechanical principles of our vehicles are relatively simple and practical, and the repair and maintenance are also simple and easy to learn.

Global Parts Express

In addition to the spare parts reserve in various places, XIANDAI provides fast spare parts delivery service. As long as you place an order on XIANDAI, we will express it to your mine as quickly as possible.

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