Load capacity: 5.0 T. Bucket volume : 2.6 m³. Width: 2400mm. Gallery size: 12 ㎡. Rated power : 129 kW.

1. With enhanced, adjustable and open type cab to provide safety and good vision for the   driver.  optional closed cab, adapted to the underground low, narrow space.

2. YUCHAI turbo-charged engine (STAGE III ), energy saving and environmental   protection, strong power.

3. Enhanced front driving axle, which has low failure rate, good reliability;

4. Water-Cycle exhaust cleaning system, environment protection.

5. Multi-disc wet brake system for traveling brake, drum brake for parking and emergency brake, ensure the safety.

6. Enhanced cover to protect the loader from falling damage;

7. Strengthened chassis for mining and tunnel to provide the excellent performance and prolong the loader’s working life.

8. Using large-capacity fuel tank, to adapt to the special conditions of underground and has more working hours.


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